Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So, I have 2 weeks off work, the first week I am spending at home, supposedly spending some quality time with the boys and doing chores, the second taking the boys to Butlins (they love it, and so, secretly do I!).
I realise that I need to use this time productively, being a good dad and sorting out all the things on my to do list. So why do I spend most of my time staring into space and wondering where it all went wrong (again!)? I don't propose to write why Tanya & I went wrong again, suffice to say we had different values and too many issues for each other to deal with.
I don't really know where my life is going again, I feel I need to break out of the work/kids/home triangle but as I don't seem to be able even to cope with them, perhaps I am not ready to take on anything more. I think maybe that I need to forget about finding strength from others and find it within myself. But then I get scared that if I get too independent I will cut myself off from others. Its a quandary!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's no such thing as too independent!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Charlie said...

Thats easy for you to say (whoever you are)

9:43 pm  

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