Monday, July 11, 2005

Support network

One thing that my life is really missing is a support network, I don't have that sort of friends and my family live too far away (and if I am honest are uncomfortable with emotions and know nothing of the hell that was my marriage). I therefore end up relying too much on Tanya (yes she has a name!) which is unfair on her. Or I bottle stuff up inside, pretend I am strong enough to take it all, then it all explodes out in an uncontrolled rush. I keep toying with the idea of counselling, because although I feel I have progressed a long way recently, I am afraid of stalling and nosediving. I need to keep moving forward, and blogging is one way. I really resent my anonymous commenters thoughts that blogging was holding me back, on the contrary it has proved so useful in sorting my head out, thankyou blogspot!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogging can be useful, but it can also come back to bite you on the arse! I think z was right in what he said to me "delete the blog; live your life" I just didn't get around to the former until it was too late!

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