Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summer time and the living is slightly more tolerable

So, I did meet up again with the lovely Louise Wener who is 6 months pregnant (I have done the maths, and no, its not mine!) I'm afraid I probably came across as a fawning middle-aged saddo but... (I also finally got round to reading this at the weekend which I didn't think was a patch on this)
I also tried my hand at archery which I enjoyed and may look to try again soon.
This weekend I took my boys away and had a really good time, I think they really enjoyed it and they got on so well with my friends kids even though there is a big age difference. We went to Scarborough and of course we had to go to the fair (but no herbs of any description on sale!)
I've decided I like the summer, next weekend I am off for a Dad Rock weekend, then the following weekend, more Dad Rock and then off to relive my past at the Leamington Peace Festival, where I hope to bump into some old friends.


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