Monday, June 27, 2005

Parental Agreement

I have been working on a parental agreement for me & C to sign up to so we have something to refer to should any disputes arise. Things on the parenting and financial fronts are pretty much sorted but I know that things change.
C was always the organiser in our marriage and one of the most difficult things I have had to do in the past 2 years is learn to organise mine and my kids lives, lets just say it is not my forte! I think I am doing better recently as I wallow less. However there have recently been a number of small comments / actions / inactions from C which make me think her priorities have moved away from the kids and on to herself. (Now I may well just be looking for things to use against her and none of them would ever constitute anything like neglect).
She is (and I am sure would freely admit to being) one of the most selfish and spoilt people on the planet (especially in Stella mode, which seems to be the 'dominant' (ha ha!) one at the moment, funny how I can spot 'her' a mile off now, mainly an insufferable air of smugness.), and I can tell she is completely enamoured with SLG (they appear to spend every non-working moment together) This makes me feel:
  • Uneasy about the effect it is having on our kids, I know the day will come when one of them calls him 'dad' or me M***y ( no, not mummy, they still do that sometimes!) I just know they must be feeling confused and I hope she is being sensitive to their feelings.
  • Envy, T & I cannot spend the time together that C & M can because we both have kids, we spend 2/3 nights together a week but I do wish it was more. Ok, so T & I work together but its not the same, she gets to stare at the back of my head all day!

Anyway, thats quite enough over use of parenthises!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually yes I AM being sensitive to their feelings, as I've said to you before...if you are basing your views on my childcaring abilities on snatches of conversation and offhand comments then perhaps you need to get your facts straight before moaning about things. If however the children are expressing dissatisfaction with how I am looking after them then that is entirely different matter and I would take that very seriously.

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