Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Love White

Went to the Isle Of Wight Festival at the weekend:

Good things.
  1. REM - a bit stadium rock but nice to see them, I have worked out that I last saw them on 27th June 1985, almost exactly 20 years ago, boy do I feel old!
  2. Snow Patrol - still my favourite 'modern' band
  3. Roxy Music - Who played lots of the Eno era stuff (obviously without Eno) and not too much of the dreadful '80s stuff. I still think that Roxy deserve to be up there with The Velvets and Bowie as the most influential acts of their era.
  4. Great Weather
  5. Going 'abroad'
  6. The audience was nice and chilled and mellow (and yes, more my age!)
  7. Good company

Bad things.

  1. Supergrass - A sunny day and Gaz Coombes is surely a match made in heaven, but apart from 'Caught By The Fuzz' (the only song guaranteed to have me grinning) the were strangely lacklustre.
  2. The worst coughing fit I have ever had, coughing on every breath for over half an hour, I really thought at one point it was the end, I have been having more thoughts about my mortality recently and this didn't help.
  3. A ridiculously long walk from the camp site to the arena
  4. Only one stage, I like festivals where there is always somewhere to go to see something interesting and I felt pretty ripped off.

Well, off to see U2 at the weekend (haven't seen them since 1983!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eeeeuuuw! ugh! ugh! snow patrol, roxy music *and* u2! no wonder your body tried to expel your brain via the lungs! and to think you were once an arbitor of leamingtonian cool...


5:36 pm  

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