Sunday, June 19, 2005

Home sweet Home!

Back from my 3rd weekend away in a row, really looking forward to a quiet time at home next weekend. Still, it was a great weekend, U2 put on a great show and I am pleased I saw them, even though they can be a bit 'worthy' at times. .
Methinks Zombizi doth protest too much, after all, I've never seen him & Adam Clayton in the same room together! (Yes, I know I am not the first to point out the similarity!)

Then went on to the Leamington peace festival, I am sure it becomes more hippyfied every year, far too much tie-dye, hemp and floatiness. Also didn't see anyone I knew there, they obviously have more sense than to subject themselves to folk music and chakra re-alignment.

Then home for fathers day tea with my boys, always will be slightly poignant as my marriage ended on fathers day two years ago but I got some nice presents and have decided that 2 years is long enough and am now moving on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you put yourself through the torment of meeting SLG? I think that you have made an effort to impress Stella, the boys and maybe SLG but it must have hurt sooooooo much! 2 years is ready to move along but don't expect too much until maybe 3/4 or 5 if at all. You won't move on but just take a sideways step which is better than now.

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Blogger Charlie said...

It wasn't torment, it was cathartic, the unknown is much scarier than the known and now i don't have to worry about running into them in the small town we live in. Also I needed to meet the man who is part of my kids lives (whether I like it or not). I really do feel it helped, someone described me as a different person since i met him, and although i am not naive enough to think I won't take some steps back, I am more positive than I have ever been that I am letting go and moving on.

7:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just soon it is to accept a man in your sons' lives after all that you have been through????? I could and never would be so accommodating after such a short period of time?
Did you envisage T as a substitute mother.........?
who did you you sleep with before her and after Stella? many?? I bet you played the field? Nice to see you back on track old man...... BTW, you meed to listen to some Elvis!

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