Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cool, Schmool!

I was thinking about Z's comment below and although I disagree with his assertion that I was ever the arbiter of Leamingtonian cool, I do feel I have broadened my musical tastes somewhat in recent times. I remember the days when I wouldn't like something on principle if it was a chart-bound-sound or if it wasn't released on some small, soon to be forgotten label but now I have developed a soft spot for Girls Aloud and Sugarbabes (I can't work out if this is me regressing or growing old!)

Anyway, I have recently developed a love for two musical genres I would have dismissed in my punky days.

  1. Reggae, particularly dub and Lovers Rock (I know as a punk I should have always liked reggae, but I never really got it and now a spliff isn't a spliff without it!)
  2. 70's disco and funk (guaranteed to have me smiling and singing along and even dancing like a loon, this is not what I fought the punk rock wars for!)


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