Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Clearing my head and cleaning out my closet.

I have just been for my evening constitutional which I find clears my head of all the work/office stuff and allows me to concentrate on how I am feeling about 'stuff'.
So what have conclusions have I come to lately on Stella.

Well, one thing I have realised is that very few people have come out of this whole sordid mess with any credit, but yes, there are a few. Some don't want to mention them on this blog and I shall respect their wishes but I would like to thank 3 people in particular.

  1. R, a happily, newly married doctor with a small baby who Stella tried to seduce in an absinthe haze, he rightly told her to fuck off, (and promptly moved to New Zealand). Nice one mate!
  2. Z, the only one of our mutual friends who ever tried to show her the error in her destructive ways, and who hasn't (to my knowledge) ever gained (much) entertainment from the end of our marriage.
  3. L, her aunt who she involved in one of her early 'misdemeanours' (ooh, I've just realised, misDEMEANours!) and put in an awful position, and who I then verbally attacked without knowing the full story.

Oh, and obviously J&J the true innocents in all this.

So that got me thinking, what do the above people have that the others below lack, and I realised, they are sorted in their heads and in their lives.

To all the others involved, whether you were just involved by giving your encouragement, tacit or otherwise or whether you were more physically involved, no wonder you all seem to be unshaven a lot of the time, it must be so hard looking in the mirror sometimes. And to one person in particular, you have proved it is possible to hate someone who I would have always said was unhateable, I thought you were a gentle, caring, genuinely good bloke, sorry to say you ain't!

I'm off now to join the sorted and to leave you lot to thrash about in the cess pits of your lives!


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