Monday, June 27, 2005

Bloggers, bloggers everywhere...

I haven't said that T & I are back together again (again!) but we are, it sort of happened organically over our 3 weekends away together (Scarborough / IOW / U2). I am nervous about blogging too much about us as I feel it could jinx us, suffice to say that the woman has the patience of a saint to put up with all my issues!

I also found out today that she also has a blog! She had told me but I thought she was joking. Unfortunately she doesn't want me to link to it but suffice to say, like her it is funny, complex, deep, intelligent and witty.

Also, one of my work colleagues A, has just started one too, I am lending her my blogging book tomorrow, don't know if it will be any use, I am struggling with all the possibilities of blogging, think this is ending up as nothing more than an online diary which saves people rooting through my drawers to get to!


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