Saturday, May 28, 2005

Well, what now?

My mind has been in turmoil as is to be expected, painful memories and new thoughts but I am determined to benefit from all this by using it as a springboard to get my life back on track (for anyone who is confused please look a few posts down).
I am afraid I will continue to use this blog as a cathartic exercise but I promise to post some more entertaining stuff (although I suspect the cathartic stuff might be the most entertaining!)

So, what did I see in 'Stella', well the usual stuff I thought, we are very similar in our tastes (out of the bedroom!), values (yes I still think this even after all I know), aspirations (or so I thought), she is a good mother to our kids, she laughed at my crap jokes, we felt comfortable (oops!) in each others company, we shared the best experience of my life ( me holding her as the April sunshine flooded into our bedroom, our 2nd son just 'popping' out onto our marriage bed)
Oh you know, all the usual stuff.

Anyway, off to dry my eyes now, more anon.


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