Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Music Addiction

I am lucky enough in my job to get cheap CDs and we have been selling off a load at work for 50p a go so I have been picking up some bargains. Unfortunately this has made me realise that I have pretty eclectic musical tastes and that I know a little about a lot of musical genres which I want to explore more of. This frightens me as it is going to cost me a fortune!
Current faves are:

King Tubby
The Cult
Hope you agree, a fairly eclectic (and slightly uncool in places) mix.
This got me thinking about 'cool' taste in music and how some people (mainly women) like music for musics sake. (For instance my g/f likes The Pixies, Keane and Katie Melua and doesn't know the difference between a guitar and a bass!) and nerdy men whose taste in music seems more driven by its obscurity than any enjoyment it might bring. I suppose I used to consider myself one of the latter but all sorts of uncool stuff has helped me through some bad times lately (big up to Christina Aguilera!)


Blogger The Lone Pen said...

Sorry. I've failed to spot the uncool ones there.

Like your girlfriend, I love The Pixies - but I used to be a session musician so I know the difference between a guitar and a bass. I found it helped in the recording studio.

It's funny how you go through a phase of wanting to get into bands before anyone else has heard of them and then dropping them when they hit the big time. I still struggle with that. I'm always on the lookout for musical obscurity - but I'm now embracing all sorts of stuff I wouldn't have considered before. Although, I haven't reached the Christina Aguilera stage. Really Charlie! How could you?

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